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July 15, 2019

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Taxi drivers in various countries have seen their lives forever changed because they gave a ride to Dr. Raouf Ghattas: missionary, evangelist, pastor, teacher, mentor, and servant of the Lord. The story of his life and ministry, and those who were touched by it, is shared with us by one who knew him best of all, his wife of 25 years, Carol B. Ghattas: missionary, writer, author, speaker, mentor, librarian, and, with a faith not inferior to her husband’s, co-servant with him in the hard but rewarding service of the Lord Jesus.

The 252 pages are fast moving, composed of 42 short, easy to read chapters. Whereas, if everyone who was impacted by this man’s zeal wrote their own experiences, an entire bookshelf could be filled, because Dr. Ghattas would reach out to anyone anywhere with God’s message of hope and salvation.

After reading this book, I’m still thinking, for example, about the Iraqi refugees from the first Gulf War who found Dr. Ghattas in Turkey, and were uplifted by his Scriptural words of encouragement and eternal life, and the three Afghani men who crossed his path in Syria, and became Christians!

A city bus driver in Damascus who rear-ended Dr. Ghattas’ car, and was quite distraught about having to pay for damages out of his own money, which was the custom, instead was handed by Raouf a New Testament with the instruction, “Read this every day.”

In the notorious traffic jams of Beirut, Lebanon, some who happened to be in the vehicle next to his, became beneficiaries of his “traffic evangelism”!

There was that crazed, filthy and foul mouthed man in Darfur, Sudan who, after hearing the gospel and being prayed over, exclaimed, “I love you, Yeshua. Look at these dirty clothes; the first thing I’m going to do is go and wash.”!

Muslims in these places, as well as in Tunisia and Raouf’s home country of Egypt, heard for the first time words of love and forgiveness of sins, and salvation, not by works but by the grace of God through Jesus Christ. And many responded with humble spirits and grateful hearts!

American Christians also, who witnessed and shared only in his “retirement” ministry in Murfreesboro, TN., recognized a man sent from God “for such a time as this.” Dr. Ghattas’ life opened hearts and restored souls, and this book has the potential to do the same for the thoughtful reader.