Good News

I should never be amazed, but I find myself so, by the goodness of God. He not only showers me with mercies that are new every morning, but he brings me reasons to rejoice, even when I feel pulled down by the troubles of the day.

I won’t go into the troubles, but will share the good:

  1. My youngest son called me on Friday to say he was coming home for the weekend. There is nothing like a beloved child to make a mother happy. So, though I was leaving work with a heavy heart, God gave me something to which I could look forward.
  2. During our worship service on Sunday, a dear brother shared the wonderful testimony of his wife’s profession of faith in Jesus! I could hardly translate for the tears. It was not just the changed life that touched me, but the fact that he was thanking our church — a church he’d never attended before — for praying for he and his family when his wife and children had a terrible car accident. She was in the hospital for over a month, but they were visited by members of our church and reminded of our prayers for them. They came last week to thank the church, at which time, we prayed for them once again. That night, she gave her heart to Jesus. I was so proud of my church on a day that was hard. God knew.
  3. Then, this morning, a quiet Labor Day morning, I look at a message on Facebook from a dear, dear sister I knew many years ago in a country where she could not openly share her faith in Jesus. She’s been through so much, and I haven’t been in touch with her for years. When I asked her if she was still walking with Him, she said He is still living in her! We cannot be open in our communication, but to know that she is alive and well is a blessing beyond belief. In a day when so many Christians take church, their faith, God for granted, this fresh breath from a beloved child of God makes me long to wrap her in my arms. She, who feels forgotten, must always rest assured she’s not.

So, here I am on this day of rest from labors, rejoicing in the blessings of a God who cares.

Do you have worries and cares today? Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. Then watch, and let him show you how.

Grace and Peace

2 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Thank you for these beautiful words of truth. A dear friend had just left my home. She has just been diagnosed with a rare cancer. We shared precious moments together, which ended in a sweet time of prayer.
    Praying for you, as well. Prayers for renewal and rest in the Fsther’s arms.

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