Thankful for Role Models

I wrote this on Jan 30, 2016, but since I just went to visit both ladies in the past month or so, I think it is appropriate to post on this Thanksgiving Day, as it still holds true:

I wanted to write this down before I close my computer for the night: There are people the Lord puts in your life who just seem to stay with you somehow, and as the years pass, you realize more and more how much they mean to you. In the past week I have realized that God has truly blessed me with so many wonderful friends and mentors, but there are two who can bring out the deepest emotions just by asking how I’m doing: Edna Rhea Vaughn and Wordna Black.

Mrs. Vaughn was not only a close friend of my mothers and also worked in the church library, but she was my teacher at church in several areas over my growing years. Mrs. Black was my Latin teacher in high school (I took three years), and though also a member at First Baptist, it was really as her student at Oakland, that I drew especially close to her.

Both of these ladies have been a constant support for me my entire life, writing countless letters to me when overseas, praying, asking me to speak when home, and just loving me in special ways — but especially just by talking with me on a very personal level. So, it was to Mrs. Vaughn I went after Raouf’s death. I just sat in her den and cried and let her comfort me. I saw her again at the funeral home this past week, and just one look at her made me start crying again. Having experienced the loss of her husband as a young woman, she knew my pain.

I had not been able to see Mrs. Black since Raouf’s death, but since it was a beautiful day today, I went by the nursing home (she’s in her 90s) to see her. All I had to do was look at her, and the tears came. She loved Raouf and knew my loss.

I don’t know why I’m sharing this today, but perhaps because on most days I’m fine…I get through…I’m productive…I’m hopeful. God truly has been so good to me and surrounds me with great friends and family who check on me daily. But these women of God who have known me in good times and bad, these prayer warriors and widows, God also uses to make sure I let myself by comforted by the few who know the depths of my heart. So the tears do come and I just wanted to acknowledge my appreciation for those who have shed them before me.

Grace and Peace

2 thoughts on “Thankful for Role Models

  1. Carol, Thank you so much for your blog and pouring your heart out. Surely expressing your deep feelings does release some of the grief and difficulty that you are having. We pray you are truly having a happy Thanksgiving with your family. Your blog is a help to me since I have a husband who is on his downward spiral of life, severe heart problems, now falling often (on walker), dizzy, lightheaded, breaking ribs, skin, and back of head, etc, and not leaving our apartment except for doctors appointments. My health problems are multiple but the Lord is so faithful to keep me strong enough to care for him. We know his days are numbered though. Your comments will help me face those days ahead. May the Lord continue to assure you of His comfort, peace and presence in all you do. Our prayers continue for you. Mrs. Wordna also meant a lot to me and was so faithful to have us speak at your church. When you see her, please give her an extra hug for me.
    Love and blessings, Myrtice Owens

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